Choose the program that you want to enroll in next school year. Programs may be changed during the school year. If you have questions, contact the school office to schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor.

  • In Person – This is the traditional program where students attend on campus every day.
  • FLEX Program – This program will allow students and their families to decide daily between on campus and distance learning to ensure the safest and best learning opportunity. Students will receive the same instruction and opportunities whether they attend physically or from a distance.
  • Distance Learning – This online program provides students with the ability to work from anywhere in the world. Students who enroll in this program will receive a quality laptop (may be kept if the student finishes the year in this program) and a $50 monthly credit for internet. Laptop will need to be returned if a student changes to a different program. Please note this program is 100% online.
  • Dual Enrollment – Our school has a dual enrollment agreement with Valencia College. This is a great opportunity for any college bound student to earn credit towards high school graduation and a college degree. There are specific requirements to participate in this program and deadlines for every step of the process. Any student considering dual enrollment must begin preparing at least one year prior to starting at Valencia College. Individuals who are interested in this opportunity must schedule an appointment with our Academic Advisor.