Osceola County Summer Camp 2020

Poinciana Christian Preparatory South/2020 Summer Camp Fun

2020 Summer Camp in PCPS is officially in session. Praise the Lord for that. After three months of Distant Learning and being at home complying with at home orders, school was officially over. NOW WHAT? But to be honest, I had my reservations about placing my daughters in summer camp in general with all the fears of COVID-19; after all, I knew that keeping my daughters at home for another two months wasn’t healthy nor conducive to them.

2020 PCPS Summer Fun Camp

As a teacher at PCPS, I am blessed with the opportunity to work at PCPS summer camp and I do get to see at first hand the cleanliness, safety measures, and activities that were being planned out for the campers with the awesome camp directors and staff. I had a sigh of relief because it is where my daughters and other kids will be spending the greater part of their summer.

Doing it Right

To be honest, which is a characteristic that I value, and I am not writing to you in trickery. I was asked to write this blog about camp and how fun it is.  And while it is, I wanted to express to you that as a mom of two and a teacher in this campus nothing brought me more joy than seeing my daughters and other kids interacting each other. Truthfully, we did not have many campers to start with but with the unity of PCPS staff the numbers tripled within the first three weeks. This week has been amazing, as we keep each class to nine kids maximum; we clean, and sanitize we also love on our kids and show them the love of Jesus.

Fun in the Sun and in the Class

Our camp is filled with new activities every day, from outdoor fun, indoor games, and we even squeeze in some academics that the campers genuinely enjoy. My favorite activity was a Minute to Win It. It is a series of games that are played in teams with each tournament lasting a minute. I believe this was my favorite because I am a very spirited person. A Minute to Win It kept all players from all ages engaged, full of cheers, and with great excitement.

There is More Room

If you are a parent like me, if you would like to experience some “normalcy” in your life and in your home, I invite you for a tour of one of our four our campuses. You will experience an individual tour of our  campus by an administrative staff and get to see and meet the amazing staff and the kiddos at real time having fun! Not rehearsed, but safe, and in a Christian environment. Thank you and God Bless.

Distance Learning Program

Students and Families,

We are prayerfully committed to the ongoing health and safety of our school family. Starting Monday March 23rd your child will be attending school through our Distance Learning Program. Everyday your teacher will be calling your son or daughter. This will be an extensive phone call that will include prayer, review of work, goal setting, tutoring and encouragement. The teacher will be setting a schedule and have window of time they will be calling your child every school day. We ask that families only come to the school with an appointment so there are not too many people on campus. Your child will continue with their PACE work, PE, art, music, computer, supplementals, projects and daily virtual time with their classmates.

Attendance will be taken based on assignments completed and daily teacher meetings. There will be no makeup days for students who complete their assignments and have their daily teacher meeting. We want to challenge every student not only to maintain their progress but to work ahead.

Please review the attached document that provides you with our recommended student schedule and suggested guidelines to help prepare for this transition.

All campuses will be open. Office hours will be 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. Teachers will schedule appointments for pickup and return of PACE books and/or any additional materials.

Extracurricular activities will resume as soon as possible.

We appreciate your understanding as we all try to navigate the challenges we are facing. Our mission is to prepare our students for a successful future. We will continue providing the best education possible.

We welcome your feedback as we are striving to make this the best program for your family.

In the midst of this difficult time, we are reminded that, "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble." PSALMS 46:1. Let's us remain united in prayer knowing that He is with us at all times.

Graduation Happened! What’s Next?

You Graduated What Next Blog

Congratulations on graduating!  That next step that has been always around the corner has finally come! Life after high school. It’s a very exciting but may also be an intimidating step for most of you. You’ve worked diligently in your books all year to finally walk across that stage and earn your diploma.

But now many of you have a different challenge ahead. Some of you are going straight into college, others pursuing a trade, and then others going straight into the workforce after they graduate. Whatever your path may be, we have a few lines of advice for you.

Be Patient.

Of course, we want to be successful right away, like get that nice car and live in that nice house. However, God may have different plans. Success isn’t always overnight. Often, God wants us to grow through the wealth of our experiences not through the wealth in our wallets.

Don’t Worry.

God has his hand on you and has a plan for you. He will take care of you even when life gets difficult. You may not know where you’ll be in 10 years, but don’t worry.  God knows and will be with you as you get there.


Now I know we just said to not worry, but that doesn’t mean to not prepare. Do you know what you enjoy doing? Do research on how other people made your passion their life’s career. Also, save for the future. Put a little money aside each week or month. Your future self will thank you.

Do Your Best.

Finally, do your best in all circumstances. It may seem difficult or disheartening at times, but don’t give up! When you do your best, you’ll easily stand out among those around you. Even in a job that pays next to nothing, do your best. The people over you will take notice.

“’For I know the plans I have for you,’ says the LORD. ‘They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.’” – Jeremiah 29:11

5 Inexpensive Ways to Stay Cool with Your Family Over the Summer

St. Cloud Christian Preparatory School - 5 Inexpensive Ways to Stay Cool with Your Family Over the Summer

Summers can be hot, but Florida summers are especially hot!

For those enjoying summer break, spend some time with your family!  Poinciana Christian Preparatory School has a few things you can do over the summer with your family without having to spend a fortune.


Find a day to go to the beach. Take advantage of only having that one to two-hour drive to either Florida beach coast.  Pack up some sandwiches and head out for some fun in the Sun!  All you need to cover the cost is the gas or bus expenses to get to the beach.  Head out in the early morning, then come back in the evening to fill up the day.


Have a pool day.  If the beach is still not an option, due to the distance, take a day to cool off in the community pool if there is one available in your area.


Parks! We don’t mean amusement parks, but ones with big grassy areas and trees!  Central Florida has plenty of local parks around that people can go out and enjoy a sport or have a walk. Bring a ball or Frisbee and have a picnic in the shade!


Backyard water fight! Whether in your backyard or out in the community playground, a water fight is a great way to stay cool with your family.  Pull out the super soakers, soggy dodge balls, and water balloons!  There are games such as water balloon dodge ball, water duck-duck-goose (Where instead of tagging the person who calls you a goose, you have to get them wet with a water balloon.), and many other games with a staying-cool twist.


Join our Summer Fun Program!  Starting May 30th, two of our campuses in Kissimmee and Poinciana will be having their annual Summer Fun Program!  The cost is only $50 a week with field trips provided at a lost cost for families.  You a welcome to join us during our trips as a chaperone!  Click here to Enroll Online.

Share this post so others can see the ideas!  Have any other ideas you would like to share with other families?  Leave a comment below.