About Us

St. Cloud Christian Preparatory School provides your child with the opportunity to receive a quality education in a safe environment.

Our approach to your child’s education is different from public schools. We see each child as an individual with specific needs, strengths and weaknesses. It is very important to meet the needs, encourage the strengths and develop the areas where your child needs the most attention.

As a Christian school, we integrate three key components into your child’s education.

, our staff encourages every child to understand what the typical Christian lifestyle is. At the same time, we do not require any student to be a Christian to attend the school.

Second, we integrate Christian components into the curriculum. Your child will have the opportunity to study the Bible while learning English, Math, Science and Social Studies.

Third, we have regular ministry opportunities. There are daily opportunities to pray for and support their fellow students. Chapel is held weekly and off campus opportunities for ministry will be built into the school year.

What our families say about our school!

Testimonies from our parents.

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Great school for those parents who want their kids to succeed academically and spiritually.
Both of my sons started going to this school in 2016 and I have to say that they are really happy about everything OCPS has to offer. My oldest son is in 7th grade and has trouble focusing and being motivated enough to complete assignments, but after being placed in a mentor-based class at OCPS, he is doing so much better. His teacher, Mr. Ortiz is both a blessing and a God sent. He is very caring and truly has a positive way of getting his students on track. The entire staff is wonderful and God-fearing. Both of my sons are learning so much about the Word of God along with their standard academic schedule... I couldn't be more satisfied and happy with this school and the staff... My kids are happy too:)
My child like this school. Me and his father are happy and like how they motivate the students.
Who could not love a school with great staff, wonderful teachers, and the best Principle? I began bringing my daughter to Poinciana Christian Prep school the school year of 2014/2015 from being home schooled for medical reasons. My daughter is treated with great respect. Even with autism and seizures everyone there knows what to do and has done wonderfully. The teacher's communications with the parents are on top. If I could rate this school out of this world I would definitely. And if I had to choose a school again Poinciana Christian prep school is the number 1 in my opinion!!! To all those parents/caregivers out there, please just look into the school. It's a tight-knit school; everyone is usually up to date on everything. They are not a really strict school but do have rules. May GOD BLESS you all.